Why Özak Group?

ÖZAK Global aims to be the symbol of trust and prestige both in Turkey and the world by creating value for its customers through providing products and services in international quality together with all its staff.

The success of Özak Global companies stems from its ability to take sound steps to the future by evaluating the current circumstances through a correct observation. Displaying a rising graph of success in all fields that it operates in, Özak Global continues to not only being “the best" in every field it engages in, but also being innovative and the one that makes a difference.

Özal's Global's most fundamental secret of displaying a constantly rising graph of success in every sector it operates in is that it cares about the development of its employees and continuously updating them.

Özak Global Holding is a strong group organization that has a deep-rooted history of 33 years in the business world and brings together Özak companies operating in different sectors under its umbrella; textile, real estate investment, construction, tourism, and facility management in particular.