İnt-Er Yapı

Entering the construction and real estate sector with the company named İnt-Er Yapı in 1995, Özak Global Holding has obtained a strong position in the real estate sector by establishing Özak Real Estate Investment Trust in 2009 with the inspiration from the superior quality understanding coming from the textile sector and the strength of its successful works, which constitute the DNA of the corporate culture.

Building living spaces that will provide maximum benefit to people in all business areas without exception, İnter Yapı brings a new perspective to the construction sector with its comprehensive service in line with the project concept.

Int-Er Yapı continues to provide services in scope of project, procurement, quality, cost and process management with its expert staff of 220 people and its construction staff of 2,300 people together with its subcontractors, as well as drawing attention with its corporate values even above international norms; and plans multi-purpose buildings, housing, social living areas, business and shopping centers. Özak GYO implements the projects it plans with bearing their cost and sells the completed projects by offering them to the different segments of its target group.

Özak Real Estate Investment Trust reflects its perspective that distinguishes its projects by closely following the architectural trends and ecological changes in the world, adds value to life, and defines new lifestyles. Successfully gone public in 2012, ranked #57 in the list "Turkey's Biggest 100 Companies" prepared by Forbes Turkey magazine in 2015,  Özak GYO has reached a portfolio size of $1.5 billion TL.

You can visit Özak Yapı's website for detailed information about Özak Global's activities in the construction sector.

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