Akyön Facilities Management

360º service approach

Founded as one of the Özak Group companies in 2011, Akyön Facilities Management operates; with a 360-degree service approach in the areas of market analysis, real estate development processes, marketing, management and leasing of real estate projects such as plazas, housing, hotels, offices, industrial storage logistics centers and shopping malls.

Akyön Facilities Management currently operates on turn-key basis in its management of a leasable area of over 400,000 m2 and leasing services.

According to the studies conducted, it is expected to increase its total area of business management square meters to over 1.000.000.

Bulvar 216

It is true that the wind blows differently, the light passes through here differently and people love life in another way here. It is true that our architecture is a bit different and Bulvar 216 stands as a symbolic monument of nature in the middle of the city. After all, we were inspired by those sand dunes, travertines, those unique shapes created by desert winds. On top of this, we also received 5 different awards by European Property Awards 2013.

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Grand Pera

Located at Beyoğlu, an attraction point and the symbol of the shopping culture in the heart of İstiklal Street, Grand Pera is a new generation living center put into the service of culture, art, entertainment, fashion, and gastronomy. It has brought Cercle d'Orient, one of the most valuable historical buildings of Istanbul, to its former magnificence with world-class restoration quality and introduces Emek Cinema to future generations with a sustainable understanding.

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Implemented with a conception integrated with the street according to the understanding of passages reflecting the soul of Beyoğlu and the concept of "Beyoğlu Again", Grand Pera revives the spirit of an era in line with contemporary and international standards, with its trendsetting brand mix, the gastronomic floor in the concept of "gastrocity" and entertainment venues compatible with the texture of Beyoğlu.

Grand Pera stands out as one of the attraction centers of İstanbul and Turkey with its values such as the historical Cercle d'Orient building with a total audience capacity of 1,550 people including Emek Cinema with capacity of 600 people in 1.250 m2 foyer area, 8 new movie theaters with the capacity of 800 people, a theatre hall with a telescopic seating arrangement and the capacity of 150 people.


Cinemo brings the pleasure of watching a film to the highest level with the sound, image quality, VIP lounges, comfortable seats, air conditioning that improves the air quality of the cinema halls and the fresh air system for the cinema lovers who want to enjoy the pleasure of watching movies at high standards. Setting out with the understanding of owning the culture of yesterday and bringing a brand new vision to the cinema of tomorrow, Cinemo welcomes approximately 2000 guests in 15 halls, including 6 halls in Bulvar 2016 and 9 halls in Beyoğlu Grand Pera together with Emek Stage.

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Büyükyalı Boulevard, where the historical buildings within the Büyükyalı Istanbul project that have been closed for more than 100 years are synthesized with modern lines and brought to the city and social life, is ready to add momentum to Istanbul's cultural and artistic life and become the new address of delicious encounters.

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Büyükyalı Boulevard, which will be hosting hundreds of local and foreign performances every year, will be an elegant center of attraction with shopping centers, cafes, restaurants, and entertainment venues. Büyükyalı Boulevard, the entertainment center of Büyükyalı, where life will start in 2019 and which will be one of Istanbul's iconic projects, can be reached in 15 minutes from the Anatolian Side via the Eurasian Tunnel by means of Zeytinburnu Marmaray station. Transportation via sea shuttles is also possible in Büyükyalı Boulevard, which is 25 steps away from the coast.