Who We Are?

"From tradition to future, the passion of adding value to life..."

With its deep-rooted and successful history approaching half a century, its competence in different sectors complementing each other in terms of service culture, equipped human resources, strong employment network, sound financing structure, and values such as vision and strategy development capabilities, Özak Global Holding is among the leading organizations reviving national economy and adding value to life.

Founded along with the establishment of Özak Textile in 1985 by Cemal Akbalık, Özak Global Holding continues to walk forward to the future securely with its investments in different sectors such as textiles, construction, real estate investment trust, tourism and facilities management.

The success of the companies under the umbrella of Özak Global Holding stems from their ability to properly identify their future strategy by analyzing the current conditions that they sensitively observe, their capacity of flexibility, and deep-rooted corporate values.

Displaying a steadily rising graph of success in all fields that it operates, Özak Global Holding continues to not only being “the best" in every sector, it engages in, but also being "innovative"  and the one that "makes a difference".

Re-setting the corporate values taken as role model in different sectors and the rules of every industry it operates in with its understanding of high quality and work ethic, producing value through redefining the conditions of competition and prompting its competitors to produce value as well, Özak Global Holding continues to make difference and provide benefit in every field it touches with its corporate understanding.