Aktay Tourism and Ela Excellence Resort Belek

Believing Turkey's unique tourism potential and that it can make a difference by benefiting from this potential thanks to its experience in the service sector, Özak Global Holding founded Aktay Tourism in 2004, when significant investments required courage.

The first facility that the company brought to national tourism was the five-starred ELA Quality Resort Belek with 583 rooms, opened in Antalya Belek in 2007. This colossal facility continues to support Turkey's representation with its Turkish-Ottoman style architecture, excellent service mentality reflecting Turkish hospitality, and children/family-friendly hotel concept shaping the sector.

It was planned as a facility with 583 rooms and 1200 beds based on 110.000 m2 area, which combines the turquoise blue of the Mediterranean and the unique green of nature, where the family-hotel concept is at the forefront. ELA, the meaning of which is containing many different colors and is very colorful; signifies the quality emphasis of our hotel as well as the different product range and the diversity of guests. Many of the objects used in our hotel have their own stories in an artistic and functional sense as well. From the historical door to the 3-ton chandelier and the fossils brought from South America, the many details of the hotel support the emphasis on the magnificence expressed within the context of ELA.

Ela Quality Resort Belek promises a holiday beyond dreams with its "family and child first" concept, quality rooms, personal villas, a service team, airplane and, VIP transfer services for each villa, 9 different a la cart and snack restaurants and occupancy rate reaching up to 100%. It makes its mark not only in Turkey but also in the entire world with its international excellence awards, the number of which increases every day.

Aktay Tourism also continues to work intensively on resort hotel investments in a private bay with unique geography in Aydın Didim, and in a bay away from the offshore impact in Antalya Demre, and makes a difference by carrying Özak Global's corporate culture and quality understanding to the tourism sector.

Mesmerizing interior designs by world-famous architects, a charming environment in the heart of nature, heated private pools, Turkish baths, saunas, and unique details are at Ela Villas...

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Aktay Turizm Ela Excellence Resort