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ÖZAK GYO; adds value to life...

Established within the body of Özak Global Holding in 2009, Özak GYO has expanded 16 times in the last 10 years with its approach focused on quality, innovation, and efficiency, and has become one of the leading companies in its field. ÖZAK GYO successfully conducts its land and project development activities with its extensive product range and portfolio management in five different segments: housing, office, storage, tourism, and retail.

Owing to its innovative approach and strong analysis skills, ÖZAK GYO distinguishes itself with its business model that anticipates the changing needs in social life. The strong and experienced organization takes on the role of determining future trends with its projects that make time efficient and make life easier... It adds value to both the national economy and life with its prestigious real estate projects carried out with an environmentally friendly approach.

Özak Real Estate Investment Trust reflects its perspective that distinguishes its projects by closely following the architectural trends and ecological changes in the world, adds value to life, and defines new lifestyles. Successfully gone public in 2012, ranked #57 in the list "Turkey's Biggest 100 Companies" prepared by Forbes Turkey magazine in 2015,  Özak GYO has reached a portfolio size of $1.5 billion TL.

ÖZAK GYO, founded with the strength of the experience by Özak Global Holding, which entered the construction sector with Int-Er Yapı in 1995, is successfully conducting land-project development activities with its wide product range and portfolio management in five different segments: housing, office, storage, tourism and retail.

Crowning its success with numerous prestigious awards received from prestigious institutions of Europe with its city-based projects that make a difference, ÖZAK GYO continues to increase its turnover assertively year by year with its reassuring financial structure set by regular rental income from its qualified portfolio and funding opportunities.

Centering "adding value to life" with its business model based on quality, innovation and efficiency, ÖZAK GYO is the trend-setter of the future with its projects that save time for all its customers, make life easier, and focus on happiness and comfort ...

ÖZAK GYO Projects

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