Message of Chairman

As Özak Global Holding, we started our journey over 35 years ago with the “understanding of high quality” and “the philosophy of adding value to life”. We have given a new dimension to our investments in textile, construction, tourism, facility management and real estate investment partnerships.

We have now become one of the driving forces of Turkish economy with our qualified human resources, foresight capability, ability of developing strategies and belief in innovation. We have walked on this path with the power coming from all our shareholders, and we have always aimed to be the “best” in what we do rather than being “the highest-earning”. With our business understanding continuously updated in line with the present circumstances and customers’ needs, our pioneering projects already put into effect and our love for this country, we are developing our affiliates, which represent our prestige and honour, each and every single day.

The number one item on our agenda is our country and our people as always. We firmly believe in our people and in our country, which is developing confidently with its strong potential. We have never forgotten these priorities, and we keep following the recent national and international developments in our field. With our understanding of efficiency, we continue to lead the change. We analyse the customers’ needs and expectations in the most correct way and monitor the changing world closely. We, thus, update and develop ourselves uninterruptedly.

In this journey of sustainable success, Özak Textile and Kübrateks Textile, which are both among the leading companies of the textile industry, keep making great contributions to Turkey’s export initiatives. İnt-Er Construction, with its principle of creating added value, is making a difference in the sector by focusing on the construction of houses, shopping malls, business centres and hotels. Aktay Tourism is continuing to contribute to the tourism sector with Ela Quality Resort Hotel, and thus to the promotion of Turkey. Özak REIC, one of the eminent real estate investment partnerships in Turkey, is leading the sector with its projects. Akyön Facility Management, one of our group companies, keeps developing with its understanding of high quality in marketing, management and renting in real estate projects that involve plazas, housing, construction, offices, industrial storage, logistic centres and shopping malls.

Here is the power behind Özak Global Holding! Deep expertise, deep-rooted past, well-established corporate culture, competent human resources, trend-setting experience and above all, our shareholders that have always believed in us…

As Özak Global, we are working very hard to raise the bar every day, focus on innovation and create added value for our country and shareholders. We stick by our ethical values and corporate culture, and we constantly update our strategies and organization. As we are exporting goods of millions of dollars, we are thinking of the future and fulling our responsibilities towards our more than 5 thousand colleagues, business partners and shareholders. In the meantime, we never forget our social responsibilities. To be specific, the projects run by Özak Foundation are a proof of our sense of social responsibility.

This sustainable success story is the result of a well-planned and hard work. In order to sustain this story, we will continue to walk on our path without compromising our principles such as integrity, innovation and respect for people and the environment.

We would like to thank all our shareholders, who share our understanding of business, feel for us and trust us.

Chairman of the Board of Directors