Özak Tekstil, the first company of the group and the cornerstone of Özak Global Holding, which was founded in 1985, has expanded its field of activity in a short time with the right investment decisions and serves as a textile and production giant with 2 thousand 500 employees and sub-contractors...

Having a manufacturing capacity of 600 thousand per month and 7 million per year, Özak Tekstil continues its production in an area of 51 thousand square meters in 3 different factories. Beyond being only a producer, Özak Textile distinguishes from its competitors in the sector with its corporate profile, creating added value as well as R&D team and design capability.

Developing designs and producing for the world's giant brands, Özak Textile has a significant role in the creation of the perfectionist corporate culture of Özak Global Holding.

With its values such as the ability to develop designs and models in accordance with customer needs, expert R&D staff setting the fashion trends of the coming years, cooperation with specialized domestic and foreign institutions on social responsibility and occupational safety issues and 95% of the products creating added value for export, Özak Textile is proudly waving the flag of the Turkish textile sector all around the world, creating an added value far beyond industrial production.

You can visit Özak Textile's website for detailed information about Özak Global's activities in the tourism sector.

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