• The foundations of Özak Textile were laid.
  • Having approximately 5000 people including 2500 employees and subcontractors within its body and the manufacturing capacity of 600.000 per month and 7 million per year, Özak Tekstil manufactures in 4 different factories located in Istanbul, Malatya and Şanlıurfa.

  • İnt-Er Yapı, which has carried out many successful projects with its team of architects and engineers, was founded to serve in the fields of project, procurement, quality, cost and process management.

  • Aktay Otel İşletmeleri A.Ş. started its tourism activities with Ela Quality Resort in 2007.

  • Özak Group brought together its current real estates under the same roof with Özak GYO.
  • Özak Textile Malatya factory was found.

  • Istanbul - Güneşli İş Istanbul 34 project was completed.
  • İstanbul - İkitelli 34 portall project  was completed.

  • The land where Metro Gross Market and Hayat Tepe housing project was built in was purchased.
  • Akyön Facilities Management Services was founded as one of the Özak Group companies.

  • Özak GYO started to be traded at Borsa İstanbul under the code OZKGY.
  • İstanbul - Ataşehir, Bulvar 216 project was started.
  • İstanbul - Bayrampaşa, Hayat Tepe housing project was started.
  • Istanbul - Bayrampasa, Metro Gross Market project was completed.
  • İstanbul - Balmumcu land was purchased.

  • The tender for the İzmir - Alsancak project was won.
  • Özak Textile Şanlıurfa factory was founded.

  • The tender for İstanbul - Zeytinburnu Sahilyolu project was won.
  • İstanbul - Göktürk land was purchased.
  • İstanbul - Bayrampaşa Hayat Tepe project was delivered.
  • İstanbul - Ataşehir Bulvar 216 project was completed.
  • Allocation of Demre land.
  • Life began at Hayat Tepe.

  • Sale of Hayat Tepe Suites project started.

  • Grand Pera, the historical Cercle d’Orient was opened.
  • The foundations of the Büyükyalı Istanbul project were laid.
  • Life began at Hayat Tepe Suites.

  • Allocation of 2nd land of Demre.
  • Büyükyalı Loft apartments were put up for sale.

  • Italy's most prestigious brand Fendi Casa, Büyükyalı the first time in Turkey. Büyükyalı Fendi Casa block was put up for sale.
  • Büyükyalı became the turnover champion in retail sales among Emlak Konut GYO projects.

  • Büyükyalı flat deliveries were made, the good life started.
  • The New Generation Life Center Fişekhane, where Culture and Art Lezzet Yaşam is together, was opened.
  • Özak Göktürk project was launched and its foundations were laid.

  • Özak Göktürk 2 land was bought and the building permit was obtained.
  • Bodrum land was bought.

  • Sales of Özak Göktürk 2 has started.

  • Maltepe ve Halkalı arsaları alındı.
  • Kemer arsası alındı.
  • Özak Duyu Göktürk projelerinin satışları başladı.
  • Hayat City Mahmut Bey projelerinde satışlar başladı.