Full support for tourism from Ela Quality Resort, the favorite of local and foreign tourists

Antalya, expecting 16 million tourists, will meet one-third of Turkey's goal of 50 million tourists in 2019. Ela Quality Resort Belek Hotel, which entered to the tourism sector by pioneering the concept that enables families with children to devote time to themselves 12 years ago, is among the most important actors in achieving this goal with the innovations it has brought in.

Ela Quality Resort expands its customer portfolio

The number of tourists coming from Russia to Antalya increased by 47 percent compared to last year, while Germany took the second place with an increase of 31 percent in the big-board market in the January-April period this year. The number of tourists from England, Poland, and Romania, which are included in Ela Quality Resort's customer portfolio, is rapidly increasing with the new market operations carried out during the crisis.

"Turkey's Best Managed Children's Activities Hotel" 

Believing in the necessity of diversifying its product range in the tourism sector, Ela Quality Resort directs its service approach in this direction and gives special importance to children when planning services for A and A+ groups. Presenting a model of special service for children through Everland Q Children's Club, Ela Quality Resort takes place among the leading hotels of the concept that allows families with children to spend time by themselves. Its "Turkey's Best Managed Children's Activities Hotel" award by Quality Management Awards 2018 is considered as a crown of this mentality.

Children learn about occupations while having fun

18 thousand 25 children participated in activities and learned various professions at Everland Q City, designed in accordance with the internationally popular concept of 'edutainment', where entertainment and education meet. The children, who are welcomed at their own reception, have a pleasant time with day and night activities throughout the holiday without needing heir families.  They have fun and learn various professions at the same time accompanied by expert instructors, and they can receive various gifts with the Q City money they earn. The bank, ice cream factory and space center were added to the fire station, hospital, dental clinic and fashion house, which were launched at Everland Q City in 2018. The children extinguish fire, do first aid, produce ice cream, and even use astronaut clothes to use the space shuttle here through wearing clothes of every profession.

One in every four families comes back

Meeting every need in tourism with both the natural beauties and cultural richness of Turkey, Ela Quality Resort offers special opportunities to their guests who leaves happily with smiling faces. One of the 4 families staying at the facilities of Ela Quality Resort, who are closely followed thanks to the Quality Club Card, prefers to have a holiday at Ela Quality Resort in the following years.

A world devoted to a good life

Considering not only the children but also the elders, Ela Quality Resort Belek presents a world dedicated to "living well" to provide physical and mental integrity to its guests. Offering services, from Fitness to SPA, from massage to proper nutrition and skincare, that will increase the quality of life and increase the energy of people, Ela Quality Resort also offers the flavors of world cuisine to its customers with award-winning chefs. Ela Quality Resort Belek, located among 15 golf courses, also hosts world-famous golfers.