The most stylish houses in Istanbul are in Büyükyalı, carrying the elegant signature of Fendi Casa!

Displaying Fendi Casa style in every detail, “Büyükyalı furnished by Fendi Casa” block was put up to sale in Büyükyalı, which believes luxury can only be the true luxury by adding value to life, making people happy and life easier. The houses designed with Fendi Casa elegance in Büyükyalı, where life will begin in September, add comfort and pleasure to its residents' lives with the understanding of true luxury.

Fendi Casa came to Turkey, after Miami and Dubai, only for Büyükyalı. In Büyükyalı, true luxury met Italian elegance with Fendi Casa, the most prestigious brand of Italy.

Aiming to enable its inhabitants to reach everything they need with superior quality, excellent service approach, and making a difference with its philosophy of "good life", Büyükyalı puts its signature under ”benefit-oriented luxury" in cooperation with Fendi Casa. Rising with Fendi Casa style at the entrance of Bosphorus, "Büyükyalı furnished by Fendi Casa" block offers a unique opportunity for those who want to live true luxury.

Only in Büyükyalı in Turkey.

It is possible to feel Fendi Casa spirit in every detail...

Fendi Casa's trend-setting special designs and Büyükyalı's timeless style, elegance, and comfort are re-defined. During the preparation of Fendi Casa block; firstly, Büyükyalı architecture team went to Italy and chose colors and materials. Then, Fendi Casa team came to Istanbul and the teams worked together delicately for each detail. At the last point, Fendi Casa created tailor-made design solutions in accordance with the spirit of Büyükyalı. It is possible to feel the spirit of Fendi Casa in every detail from the lobby to the common areas, from the cabinets to the parquet, from the door handles to the armatures of the Büyükyalı furnished by Fendi Casa block.

Büyükyalı offers its residents an environment where they can have a good time with its Lounge area located across the Bosphorus view at the terrace of Fendi Casa block. The most significant privilege of this area is the infinity pool on the terrace, which is only for this block.  It gives one peace and happiness to even dream of swimming in this pool, which makes one live an extraordinary experience, while facing Marmara Sea, Bosphorus and the Historical Peninsula. In this pool, Istanbul is under your feet and over arms... Büyükyalı Fendi Casa Residents will be swimming across the deep blue Marmara and Bosphorus with the scent of history.

The new meeting point of Istanbul...

“Büyükyalı furnished by Fendi Casa”, brings the pleasure of pool to the top with the "infinity pool" located on its terrace. The pool, organized in a way to host events as well, and the lounge area located across the unique view of Bosphorus promise Büyükyalı residents joyful moments that they can never forget. A rich and dynamic social life surrounds Büyükyalı's houses designed with the elegance of Fendi Casa. There are world's brands, gourmet restaurants, shopping streets, cinema, theater and halls to host cultural and artistic activities in Büyükyalı, which integrates the fascinating atmosphere of the past with modern life thanks to its historical structures that have been revived. Everything that is needed for good life is within walking distance with superior quality standards in Büyükyalı, where life will start in September.

Everything needed for excellent comfort is in Büyükyalı...

Büyükyalı residents are offered "Concierge Services", with no precedent in the world, from dry cleaning to reservation in the most prestigious restaurants in different countries of the world, from concert tickets to international travel, airplane, yacht, helicopter, classic car and limousine rental to flowers and gift delivery. The "Doorman" service that welcomes apartment owners and guests at the door, helps to carry their belongings, calls for a taxi, that is to say, find a solution to any need, adds value to life in Büyükyalı.

Water transportation becomes part of everyday life...

Sea offers the most comfortable, practical way of transportation at Büyükyalı İstanbul located at the entrance of the Bosphorus, on the Kazlıçeşme coastline, at the intersection of all of the new transportation axes of land, sea and rail system. Büyükyalı offers the privilege of having a comfortable journey with its sea shuttles as well as saving time in traffic. Anatolian Side can be reached from Büyükyalı, within 5-minutes walking distance, via Eurasian Tunnel in 15 minutes. As the only project directly connected to Kennedy Street, which is also named as coastal road, Büyükyalı offers its residents and guests the opportunity to connect directly to the parking lot via Kennedy Street.