Message of Chairman

As ÖZAK Global Holding, our priority was not being "the biggest income earner" but being "the best" in what we do in our journey, which has started with textile and continues with construction, tourism, facilities management, and real estate investment trust.

We have honorably brought our company, representing our reputation and dignity with the innovative steps we have taken, to today with resolution and determination that we still carry on in our journey to the future.

In our agenda as a group, there is Turkey that boldly continues its growth. With such an understanding, we are closely following all the developments both in the world and Turkey in all the areas we are engaged in and continue to be the pioneer of change.

So that, Özak GYO, the trend-setting company of the real estate sector, currently has a real estate investment portfolio of 2.72 billion TL and a net asset value of 2.05 billion TL with its balanced business model, diversified portfolio minimizing risks and strong financial structure with high investment capability. Having steadily improved in terms of the value and asset size of its real estate investment portfolio in the last five years, Özak GYO's active asset, which was TL 1.52 billion by the end of 2014, cumulatively increased by 135 percent and reached TL 3.57 billion by the end of 2018. Our worldwide success with ÖZAK GYO has been crowned with numerous, both national and international awards.

In line with Turkey's aims of steady growth, we provide employment to thousands of families through exporting in millions of dollars as well as continue to provide added value to our national economy with our factories and projects.

We show the courage of pioneering new trends with our sustainable trends that make a difference through analyzing the needs, and we always aim for what is better and more beneficial.

At this point, which is a result of planned and disciplined work,  we are confidently moving towards our future goals with our entire team and without compromising honesty, innovation, respect for people and the environment.

I would like to thank our shareholders who share our business approach that adds value to life and put their complete trust in us.

Chairman of the Board of Directors